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Local teacher reflects on watching 9/11 unfold inside the classroom

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ROCKFORD (WREX) — Everyone's memories of 9/11 are different.

Teachers not only watched the attack happen in real time, but made sure their students understood how important the moment was for the country.

"We saw that it wasn't a little plane, that it was a big plane and that this was going to be bad and we had kids coming literally in minutes, like what do you do?" College & Career Academy Coach at Guiliford High School, Christina Magee said.

Christina Magee has been teaching in Rockford Public Schools for 28 years, and remembers 9/11 like it was yesterday. She said staff didn't have time to process what was happening, but remembers kids being very quiet and somber.

Christina had a science class that day at Eisenhower Middle school the day of the attack. She said it wasn't about teaching coursework, it was about taking care of the social and emotional needs of the students.

A year after 9/11, Christina took a trip to New York City and visited ground zero.

"Decorated these huge trees with tinsel for the holiday season then as you get closer you realize that it's not tinsel. It's the metal from the mini blinds that when the towers collapsed there was so much force that it took those strips of metal and just wrapped them around and around and around the branches," Magee said.

Christina said it's important to continue educating the youth about 9/11.