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Facebook post promising free groceries is a scam

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ROCKFORD (WREX) — We all know the old saying, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. That's the case with a Facebook post promising people free groceries from Aldi.

The Facebook page, Aldi Store is not even the grocery chain's Facebook page. The legitimate page is Aldi USA.

In the spoofed post, it says, "My name is Jason Hart and I'm the CEO of Aldi Inc. To celebrate our 75th birthday, Every single person who shares and comments by 5 PM Sunday will get one of those Christmas Food Box delivered straight to their door on Monday 30th November."

The post goes on to say each food box contains $75 worth of groceries and a $25 Aldi voucher. It asks people to click on a link to validate their entry, thus fulfilling the scam.

If you see this post, do not share it or click on the link. The scammers will use the link to get your personal information.

It should also be noted that on Aldi's official website, it says the first store was founded in 1961, making it 59 years old.

So how can you tell when something like this is a scam? The pictures look authentic, the name is familiar, and your trusted friends shared it. In the case of this post, there are a few signs that give it away as a scam.

First off, the page itself. When 13 WREX clicked on it, we noticed there was only one post: This one. Aldi certainly has posted more than once on its Facebook page. Second, the grammar in the post. You will notice a few typos in it such as the word "every" is capitalized when it shouldn't be. And it says everyone will get one of the "Christmas Food Box" instead of boxes. While everyone makes mistake, the multiple grammar issues in here indicate this is not a reputable company making this post.

Finally, we simply searched Aldi in Facebook to try and find the legitimate page. Aldi USA shows up instantly in the search bar, and has 2.7 million likes. Aldi Store at the time had a few hundred likes.

Aldi USA posted about the scam Sunday afternoon saying:

"Hey ALDI fans! Looks like another Facebook scam is making its way around. We can confirm it is a scam and the page has no affiliation with ALDI. We're sorry for any confusion this may have caused! We have been working with Facebook since yesterday to get the page taken down, but we'd love your help! Please share this post to help us spread the word and always be sure to look for the blue check mark by our name for authenticity!"

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