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Beloit police: No evidence of child abuse after 8th grader says teacher duct-taped him

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Police say there was no evidence of child abuse or any other crime occurring.

BELOIT (WREX) — The Beloit Police Department says they have found no evidence of child abuse or any other crime after an 8th grade student said he was duct taped by a teacher. 

A 13-year-old student and his parent told our sister station 27 news the issue was over a facemask. 

The 8th grader said it's difficult sometimes for him to breathe through his cloth facemask, so he pulled the mask down a bit to catch his breath.

That's when the 8th grader says his teacher noticed his mask was lowered asked him to pull up his mask.

The 8th grader said, "I can't breathe. Give me a moment."

The student said his teacher asked him pull up his mask again and he asked for a few more seconds.

The 8th grader said his teacher did something that shocked him, "She got clearish yellowish tape, pulled up my mask up to my nose and wrapped the tape around my head five times. I'm thinking in my head. I'm like, this is crazy. Why is she doing this?"

The 8th grader's parents said they noticed an injury to their son's neck.

His parent said, "when he came home, he (had) a red mark on the back of his neck area. And it was a little bit red around his face."

The parent says after seeing this injury, he contacted the Beloit Police Department and the officer had already talked with the instructors involved.

Now, the police department says through their investigation, no evidence of child abuse or any other crime occurred. 

Here's part of a statement from the Beloit Police Department: 

"We are investigating a report of alleged child abuse at McNeel Intermediate School. Through our investigation, we have found no evidence of child abuse or any other crime occurring.

Our investigation shows that there was an incident regarding mask wearing in the classroom. We have interviewed the two teachers and all of the students who were present. The information we have obtained shows that there were no violations of local ordinances or state law.

The reporting party provided multiple inconsistencies in the information provided to police and to the media."
The police department's statement comes hours after the Beloit School District addressed the allegations in a statement; saying: 

I am here before you to address the allegations made yesterday to the media and on social media. The media reported these allegations by a parent as true, stating there was an incident involving a child in a classroom. We worked in collaboration with the City of Beloit Police Department; they have investigated these allegations and have determined there was no violation of local or state laws. As a school district we are legally required to follow the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and are unable to respond to inquiries regarding any incidents involving students and staff. Additionally, administration and staff at the school are receiving racist, hate speech from unknown individuals and organizations. We have zero tolerance for hate speech, violence, or threats made against our staff and District. We are cooperating with the City of Beloit Police Department in investigating these threats made against our staff and District. We stand together as a District and community against all forms of hate and racism.

The police department also said as a result the accusations, threats have been made against administrators and teachers. 

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