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WEB EXCLUSIVE: 13 WREX publishes dash cam, lawsuits and documents for investigation into Belvidere police allegations

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BELVIDERE (WREX) — Here is a full list of documents, lawsuits and unedited dash cam videos 13 WREX obtained for our latest investigation into alleged excessive force by the Belvidere Police Department.

In total, the 13 Investigates team obtained 12 different packets of documents and lawsuits, along with seven dash cam videos.

First, here are all seven dash cam videos. No edits have been made to these videos.

You can read the full documents below:

  1. Fick Police Report
  2. Fick Lawsuit
  3. Belvidere Court Filing on Fick lawsuit
  4. Arrest Report Trexler
  5. Trexler Lawsuit
  6. Williams Lawsuit
  7. Williams Police Report
  8. Belvidere Letter and Reports
  9. Belvidere Use of Force Policy
  10. Officer Reprimands 2020
  11. Officer Reprimands Prior to 2020
  12. Use of Force Reviews

Fick Police Report: Full police report for Adam Fick. Pictures are also included in this report.


Fick Lawsuit: The full lawsuit.


Belvidere court response to Fick lawsuit: This is the defense attorney's response to the lawsuit filed by Adam Fick.


Arrest Report Trexler: Police report for Tyler Trexler.


Parker Lawsuit Trexler: Lawsuit for Trexler.


Williams Lawsuit: Lawsuit for Ryan Williams.


Williams Police Report: The police report for Ryan Williams.


Belvidere Letter and Reports: Letter from the City of Belvidere denying our request for an interview, and officer reports of use of force.



Belvidere Use of Force Policy: Use of force policy for the Belvidere Police Department.


Officer Reprimands 2020: Pages 30 - 33 are the officer reprimands so far for 2020. They include officer Parker and Officer Korn, but those reprimands were not for any of the incidents we investigated.  This also includes arrest charges by officer.


Officer Reprimands: These are reprimands to officers prior to 2020. 


Use of Force Reviews: This first pages explain the police department's process on administrative reviews of use of force. There are three intra-department memorandum's on use of force reviews, followed by use of force reviews broken up by K9 review, use of force, and taser review. Of the three cases we looked into, there was only an intra-department memorandum and it was for Fick's case.