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Some Rockford students worry they will miss special moments due to school closures

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ROCKFORD (WREX) — Governor JB Pritzker announced schools across the state will close for two weeks amid COVID-19 concerns on Friday. Some students say they are already feeling the effects and are worried they could miss out on some big moments.

The idea of not going to class can seem like a relief to some students in the Rockford area, but after the governor announced statewide school closures this week, some students worry the closures came at the wrong time.

"Over the intercom we heard our executive director say all of the teachers could meet in the conference room because they would be cancelling school," says Rockford Lutheran student Grace Hoening. "That's what the governor said and we were all really sad."

Grace Hoening goes to Rockford Lutheran School and says she's already felt the impact of the school closures.

"I lost my play this weekend," Hoening says. "We had a play we were supposed to be doing."

Hoening is not alone. Jefferson High School senior Paige Doyle says she and her friends are concerned they may not have the opportunity to enjoy some senior year activities.

"Most of them are nervous because they don't want to graduate late because that will ruin plans for when they go away for college and visits and stuff like that," says Jefferson High School student Paige Doyle.

"I feel bad for all of the seniors who are not going to be able to participate in their Spring sports," says Doyle's mother Stephanie Gilberto. "This is the end of their high school career and they're missing some really big moments."

While both Doyle and Hoening say they are a little upset, they understand the closures are here to protect them.

"I know there are people that are at risk," Hoening says. "If any of us get infected we could easily spread the infection to them and it might not harm us, but it could harm them."

Governor JB Pritzker says all public and private schools statewide will be closed from March 17 until March 30. He says everyone should do their part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by staying home during this time.