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‘One of our core values as a company is community;’ Rockford Roasting Company offers unique coffee experience for locals

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ROCKFORD (WREX) — Seven years ago, Rockford Roasting Company owner Benjamin Chauvin got the idea to create a coffee experience the city had never seen before.

"So seven years ago was a very different time in Rockford," says Chauvin. "There were a growing number of people wanting to do cool things in Rockford, and I felt like I had something to offer to the city; a high quality coffee experience, like something you can experience Chicago or L.A., but in Rockford, IL roasted by a local person."

That idea sparked a years long journey that has grown into two locations and hundreds of loyal customers.

"I feel really honored every day when people walk through our doors to come get coffee," says Chauvin.

He says that one of the company's core values is community and it is something he tries to instill into every staff member and into everything they do.

"We want the community to feel like this is its coffee shop," says Chauvin, "its one of the reasons why we call ourselves Rockford Roasting Company."

"We want to kind of communicate, even with our name, this isn't a coffee shop in Rockford, this is Rockford's coffee shop."

With smiling faces coming in every day, Chauvin feels blessed that the shop has been able to create an environment where community can thrive.

"I hope for our customers, and the coffee moments we help create for them, can be a reminder: that even amongst all the crazy in the world right now, there are good things to consume, tasty coffee beverages to enjoy and we can have one-on-one connections with people."

Rockford Roasting Company is located at 206 North Main Street and inside the downtown Embassy Suites at 416 South Main Street.

Here are the hours for each location:

206 North Main

Monday – Thursday: 7am-6pm

Friday: 7am-2pm

Saturday: 7am-2pm

Sunday: 8am-2pm

416 South Main

Monday – Thursday: 6am-12pm

Friday: 6am-6pm

Saturday: 8am-6pm

Sunday: 8am-5pm

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