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Our Mission

Since 1991 our mission has been to provide superior, personalized service that will exceed the expectations of our customers.

To fulfill this mission we are committed to:

A.) Working as a team.

B.) Treating our customers, vendors, agents, adjusters, and each other with dignity and respect.

C.) Giving each team member the proper "tools" to be successful.

D.) Communicating openly, honestly, and promptly with all parties at all times.

LDR is committed to educating our employees and adhering to strict industry standards to accomplish these goals. We understand that any loss can be a very devastating, stressful, and confusing experience. LDR is here to help. By taking great care in restoring your property and your most valued possessions, we are restoring your sense of security as well. At LDR customers and quality work come first. That is why we are the Leaders in Disaster Restoration!

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