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Cutting Edge Technology

Computer Assisted Surgery For Hip Resurfacing, Selective and Total Knee Replacement:

Computer assisted navigation (C.A.N.) is a new technique which provides the surgeon with a 3-dimensional view of the knee or hip.  This allows for precise data to more accurately align implants during surgery.  Accuracy is increased from 75% to 99%, allowing for better results. 

Alternate Bearing Surfaces:

Traditional hip replacement components include a plastic cup liner with a metal head.  Newer surfaces include metal-metal and ceramic-ceramic as well as ceramic-metal combinations.  These may lead to less wear and increase longevity of the implant.

Selective Knee Replacement:

Sometimes an arthritic knee may not need a total knee replacement and only a section of the knee requires replacement.  Selective knee replacement replaces only that part that is worn out keeping the rest of the knee bone.

Low Profile Facture Implants:

Low profile facture implants are newer designs, which don't stick out as much, causing hardware pain, which would need to be removed later by another surgery.

Limited Incision Surgery:

Limited incision surgery is a smaller incision length, which may provide less immediate post op pain, improved cosmesis, fewer blood transfusions, shorter hospitalizations, shorter rehabilitation, and earlier return to work.

Hip Resurfacing:

This procedure replaces the damaged surface of the hip joint with a metal cup instead of a ball and stem.  This allows for the removal of far less bone then traditional total hip replacement.  The procedure has the advantages of preserving more bone, decreasing the risk of dislocation, allowing for a more natural gait and decreasing the chance of a shorter or longer leg.  This surgery may benefit younger patients in delaying future revision hip replacement surgery and help to return to a level of normal activity with less pain and greater freedom of movement.

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