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Hip Replacement


After a total hip replacement, you can look forward to moving more easily.  Most people gain all of the benefits below.  Total hip replacement surgery almost always:

  • Stops or greatly reduces hip pain. Even the pain
       from surgery should go away within weeks.
  • Increase leg strength. Without hip pain, you'll be
       able to use your legs more. This will build up your muscles.
  • Improves quality of life by allowing you to do daily tasks
       and low-impact activities in greater comfort.
  • Provides years of easier movement. Most total hip
       replacements last for many years.

The Procedure:

When the surgical team is ready, you'll be taken to the operating room.  There you'll be given anesthesia.  The anesthesia will help you sleep through surgery, or it will make you numb from the waist down.  Then an incision is made, giving the surgeon access to your hip joint.  The damaged ball is removed, and the socket is prepared to hold the prosthesis.  After the new joint is in place, the incision is closed with staples or stitches.

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