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Ancillary Services

Our ancillary services play a significant role in making us a comprehensive specialty care facility. Whether it is for diagnostic or therapeutic services, these services are provided on-site and afford both staff and patients a quick response time.

Lundholm Surgical Group MRI Center

  • Lundholm Surgical Group Open MRI Center utilizes
       a state of the art, 0.22 Tesla  magnet. 
  • MRI is a simple, painless examination that utilizes
       a magnetic field and radio waves to visualize
       anatomic structures without the use of
       radiation found in x-ray  scans.
  • The MRI room provides a patient friendly open design,
       accommodates large patients, quiet and comfortable
       scan environment, and a safe, low profile patient table.
  • The Lundholm Surgical Group MRI Center is located in
       the X-ray Department, at our main location,
       1340 Charles Street, Suite 100.
  • Appointments from 7:45a.m. to 4:00p.m., Monday through Friday.

Physical Therapy

  • The Lundholm Surgical Group Physical Therapy Center
       offers comprehensive orthopedic rehabilitation as well as
       therapies for the neck, back, upper and lower extremities,
       and pain management.
  • The team approach links the patient, physician, and
       therapist with a facility containing state of the art
       equipment, including upper extremity Nautilus, to
       reach your rehabilitation goals.
  • Working directly with your physician enhances
       overall care and saves patient time.
  • The Physical Therapy Center is located at our
       main location at 1340 Charles Street, Suite 100.
  • Appointment times from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30p.m.,
       Monday through Friday.
  • Phone (815) - 399-1975
  • Fax     (815) - 399-3207
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