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Important Issues to Consider Before Making Caregiver Decisions

It can be a difficult and emotional time when you or someone you love recognizes the signs that help is needed in the home.  While the need for some type of home care may be obvious, the options available to fill that need are often confusing.  The many decisions that must be made can seem overwhelming.  These are some issues you will want to consider before making a decision regarding home care.



A Licensed Home Care Agency

Live-in Agencies

Not licensed Home Care Agencies
Caregivers Employees of Peak Personnel

We provide reference checks, criminal background checks, physicals, verify licensure or certification as appropriate, and conduct a personal interview. 

All caregivers are fully bonded and insured for Workman's Compensation.

Not employees of the agency - self employed

Often from other countries, sometimes legal to work, sometimes not, but impossible to background check.

Often speak limited English and may be difficult to understand.

Often do not drive.


We assume all liability and handle the hiring/firing, training, and supervising.

All care is supervised by a Registered Nurse.

Regular inservices allow us to address specific needs of our clients.

We handle any problems or concerns that arise.

Family becomes the employer.  They must supervise closely.

You are responsible for screening, hiring/firing, training, supervising the caregiver, and taxes.

You should consider whether your homeowner's insurance covers "household employees" in case of an accident.


Based on the level of care necessary.

Per visit or hourly, whichever is most cost-effective.

Daily rate for live-in and sleepover services.

We bill your insurance directly, reducing your out of pocket costs.

One-time placement fee to the agency, plus daily rate.

You are responsible for providing worker's compensation insurance and paying taxes if wages are more than $1400.00 per year. 

Insurance usually will not reimburse private caregivers due to the liability and withholding requirements.

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