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When Experience Matters Most

Accidents and sudden critical illnesses have no respect for time or place. They can strike day or night-at home, at work or on the road. For emergency doctors, nurses, paramedics and communications personnel, swift transport and skilled treatment are around-the-clock jobs-jobs they perform with a passion. As a Level I Trauma Center, OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center serves as the hub of an integrated network of emergency medical services that provides continuity of care.

Our network of emergency services includes:

  • OSF Saint Anthony Level I Trauma Center and Emergency Department
  • Lifeline Helicopter Service
  • Lifeline Ambulance Services
  • OSF Northern Illinois Emergency Medical Services (NIEMS) provides education and training for emergency personnel in the region
  • MedComm, a communications center that receives calls for emergency assistance from physicians, emergency personnel serving in the region or hospital staff
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