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Illinois Licensed General Dentist

List of Services

1.Cosmetic Dentistry

            A. Ceramic Veneers

            B. Tooth colored fillings

            C. All ceramic crowns

            D. Tooth colored cosmetic bonding  

            E. "ZOOM" bleaching

2. Orthodontics

            A. Conventional braces

            B. Invisalign - Invisable orthodontics

            C. Functional appliances

            D. Non-extraction orthodontics

3. Oral surgery

            A. Simple extractions

            B. Wisdom teeth extractions

            C. Extractions for Medical Assistance patients

4. Endodontics

            A. Root canals for all teeth

            B. Retreatment of root canals

5. Dentures, Partials, Implants

6. General Dentistry for all ages

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