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Dangers about leaving animals in hot cars


While the stateline saw rain Thursday night, we can't forget summer also brings really hot weather. Which means things can turn deadly if you leave your pet in your car.

"The warmer the weather, the more calls that we get." said Donna Apgar with Winnebago County Animal Services.

Winnebago County Animal Services says it receives about a dozen calls each week about pets in cars.

Cars are normally ten degrees warmer than the temperature outside. Animal services says you should always leave your pet at home when running errands.

"They overheat. They basically overheat. If a dog is overheated they can become lethargic, they can start throwing up. If you see a dog panting in a car that could mean they could become overheated at that point." said Apgar.

If you see a pet inside a car you are advised to call 911 or your local animal services shelter.

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