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Scammers target parents, students during back to school season


Students across the country are getting ready for school to start up again.

The Better Business Bureau wants to fill you in on a few way scammers are trying to take advantage of this time of year.

There are several different scams to watch our for including a fake "student tax." Scammers ask parents to pay a fake student tax before enrolling their children into classes.

Children can be at risk of getting their identity stolen using their social security numbers.

There are also reports of a scam where companies guarantee college students scholarship money and a fake program to clear all student loan debt.

The BBB says the best way to tell if you are dealing with a scammer is if they are trying to push you to make a quick decision.

"Scammers know that they have to know that they have to act right away," Rockford Regional BBB Director, Dennis Horton said. "While they've got you on the hook, they're going to get you. Anybody that pushes you to act immediately is trying to rip you off."

Horton also says to be wary of these scams coming from anywhere including over the phone, email and social media.

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