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Facebook teams up with Rockford's small businesses


Facebook is hoping to give small businesses in Rockford the tools to help get customers in their doors.

More than 100 businesses showed up on Wednesday at the Tebala Event Center to get tips from Facebook about ways to grow their business. The businesses learned a variety of tips, from when to post their content to get the most visibility, to how to use Facebook to reach more people.

"It's more important now than ever to be where your customers already are, on the mobile space and on their phone," Facebook Small Business Marketing Coordinator Alexandra Duffield said. "And a really easy and effective way to connect with them is by using Facebook."

Facebook and small businesses both agree that it's the community that really helps small businesses get off the ground.

"Just using Facebook to make that connection where they go 'Oh I didn't know you guys were there' and now again you have that small time meeting where you're talking to each other," Kevin Lucca from Lucca Alla Moda said.

Facebook even showed business owners how to best use Instagram, which is a photo-sharing app Facebook owns.

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