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Carnival company steps up inspections at Boone County Fair


For some, the Boone County Fair means plenty of fried food to chose from. 

But to 11-year-old Cole Wallace, the carnival rides are where the fun is at. 

"That was totally fun!!!!!!" Wallace shouts as he describes his favorite rides.  

Whether he hops on the carousel or takes a ride that leaves him feeling a bit dizzy, everything is inspected before the fair opens for the day. 

"We do not want everybody getting hurt," Senate Skinner with Skinners' Amusement Inc says. "We want to provide a safe midway and that is our number one goal." 

But this year, Skinners' Amusement Inc says its rides have to go through extra checks before they make their way to the Boone County Fair. That's because last summer a carnival ride in Ohio malfunctioned and sent riders flying in the air, leaving one person dead and several injured. 

"Multiple manufacturers have issued rust bulletins," Skinner says. "So, in order to get our state stickers this year, we had to comply with the requirements that they - the steps they wanted us to go through to check the rides. It included visual inspection, NTD testing."

It also included more technology to look closer than what you can see on a ride's surface. 

"We invested in a boriscope so we could go inside and some of the rides have open tubing so you can put that through to do a visual," Skinner says.  

However, it's not just up to Skinners' to make sure everyone is safe at the fair. Boone County Fair leaders say that responsibility falls on everyone. 

"Pay attention to the heights and the height requirements and the rules that the operator tells you know don't stand up on a ride when you're not supposed to stand up," Tom Ratcliffe with the Boone County Fair says.  

Fair leaders say if you notice anything concerning with any rides, you're asked to let the Boone County Fair's main office or Skinners' know right away.

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