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Inspiring 815: Michaela Jones


Michaela Jones is one of Lincoln Middle School's newest cheerleaders for next year.

 "We do stunts, we do moves, we do jumps, we do tumbling and stuff like that." said Michaela.

 But her tryout a few weeks ago was a little out of the norm, because Michaela had major hip surgery back in March and she wasn't even supposed to be walking this much yet.

"She said give me my walker, and I said your walker? You shouldn't be doing this with your walker." said Sam Jones, Michaela's father.

Let alone cheer leading.

"If she wants to do cheer leading, and there's a roadblock, or a big barrier in the way, she's gonna figure out a way to do it." said Sam.

Keeping Michaela down for several weeks was quite the challenge for Sam and his wife. 

"I  had to wake up several times in the night to make sure her legs were straight." said Sam.

Luckily, they had some help from Michaela's little sister, Maddie.

"Sometimes I watched her when he was sick." said Maddie.

But it was no surprise that as soon as Michaela was physically able to, she was up and at em. 

"Her always doing what she wants to, we were expecting her to like jump out of bed and try to walk, and she's very protective of it. But when she was ready to go, she was ready to go." said Sam.

Proving that no obstacle is too hard for this cheer leader. 

"I love doing jumps, but I can't do jumps yet." said Michaela.

Michaela Jones, inspiring 815, one cheer at a time.

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