Border Patrol chase ends in deadly crash in Texas - – Rockford’s News Leader

Border Patrol chase ends in deadly crash in Texas

(AP and NBC) -

Authorities say five undocumented immigrants are dead and 12 were hurt following a chase involving border patrol agents in Texas.

The crash happened off Highway 85 around noon Sunday. Police say fourteen people were inside, including the driver and passenger. Twelve people were ejected when the SUV crashed and rolled over. Police say the car was traveling over 100 miles per hour when the accident happened. 

"The driver of this vehicle, we have handled him before, we dealt with him last week, obviously he wasn't smuggling any people at that time. We think he was either here to pick up some or scouting. But we've handled him before." One official said.

A total of 9 people were taken to area hospitals for treatment, including the driver who is believed to be a United States citizen. 

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