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Weekend heat wave right on track with typical summer heat


The hot weather expected this weekend isn't unheard of during the summer in the Stateline, and falls within our average range for summer heat.

Temperatures are expected to by near 90 degrees on Friday, then into the 90's to near 100 this weekend, before falling back to the low 90 by Monday. Heat indices (a measure of heat and humidity combined and its effects on the body) will be in the 90's for Friday and Monday, with the 100's for Saturday and Sunday.

When we look at a typical summer in Rockford and the Stateline, we usually 8-17 days in the 90's or warmer, with a median of 12 days. We'll go from 0 so far this summer (the Memorial Day weekend heat wave counts for the spring) to a potential tally of 3 after this weekend.

The range for heat index values above 100° is 5 to 7 days during a typical summer. 2 to 4 of those days reach 105° or greater. We may see at least 2 days above 100°, with one possibly getting to 105°. These also fall right within the range we see during a usual summer.

Cooler weather moves in early next week, getting the area back to average for a while (low to middle 80's). While temperatures are expected to stay near average overall this summer (according to the Climate Prediction Center), we may see the occasional hot streak pop up again later this summer with 2 months to go.

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