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Campaign for Rockford flag announces 3 finalists


The push to have an official Rockford flag is moving forward as three finalist designs are announced Thursday. 

Flag A features a green tree that symbolizes the city's nickname "the Forest City." A pictured sun is rising behind it, which the campaign says symbolizes optimism and progress. The blue symbolizes the Rock River flowing through the city. 

Flag B features three trees and a green background to symbolize the Forest City and the two founding communities on the banks of the Rock River that eventually formed Rockford. The screw in the middle represents hard work and the community's manufacturing roots. It also pays homage to "the Screw City." 

Flag C illustrates a screw nestled in the banks of the Rock River to represent the city's industrial roots as well as the location it originated. The abstract tree above the screw represents Rockford's economic growth, while the sun represents the city's future. Blue is used to show the Rock River, while green represents Forest City, orange represents optimism and white represents unity. 

To vote for your favorite, CLICK HERE. 

The group wants to replace the current flag, which only has the city's logo on it. Members say the community will pick the winning design and then hopes to have city council vote to accept it as the official flag of Rockford.

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