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Start planning for ways to stay cool during the weekend heat wave

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A heat wave similar to the heat felt during Memorial Day Weekend will strike the Stateline this weekend, and comes with the risk for heat related illnesses. Find ways to cool off and stay cool this weekend.

The heat index is expected to top 90 degrees for 4 days in a row, with 2 of those near 105. This intense heat can be hard on the body, as it struggles to cool itself off. Adding to the problem, overnight lows stay in the 70's. The warm nighttime temperatures don't allow the body much relief even at night, upping the chance for heat stroke or heat exhaustion to set in.

With muggy weather like this, our sweat does not work well or at all, preventing the body from cooling off properly. If you feel faint or dizzy, are sweating heavily, and feel nauseous with a weak, rapid pulse, heat exhaustion is setting in. Get to a cool place quickly, and drink plenty of water. 

Heat stroke is a medical emergency. If you have a throbbing headache, are not sweating, feel nauseous, and have a rapid, strong pulse, call 9-1-1 immediately and attempt to cool off as quickly as possible.

To prevent heat illnesses, drink plenty of water, take plenty of breaks if working outside, dress for hot summer weather, and don't get too much sun. Also double check the back seat to make sure you are not leaving any children or pets in the hot car. Keep kids and pets out of the heat as much as possible, and provide plenty of water for the pets when they are outdoors.

The heat should break by early next week, with a chance for scattered showers and storms.

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