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Northern Illinois University hosts opioid conference


Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti continued her tour of Illinois and her fight against the opioid epidemic Tuesday at Northern Illinois University.

Sanguinetti says she's looking into other ways the state can reduce opioid-related deaths.

She sat down with health officials and leaders for one of the many table talks she is conducting across Illinois. Sanguinetti says the talks have helped her gather feedback from people affected at all levels by the opioid epidemic. 

"If you have an opioid use disorder, you have a disease." said Sanguinetti 

Sanguinetti says she's learned a lot from her talks with first responders, health officials, lawmakers, families of those affected by opioid addiction and those who struggle with addiction. 

"We need to be very careful in this process not to punish those who have opioid use disorder but rather punish those who are dealing." said Sanguinetti.

The Lt. Governor also said that replacing opioid prescriptions with medical marijuana prescriptions could be an option in cutting down overdose deaths. 

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