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The "June Gloom" continues for one more day


The term "June Gloom" is a Southern California term for a weather pattern that results in cloudy, overcast skies with cool temperatures during the late spring and early summer.

But it seems, the term "June Gloom" could describe the last couple of days around the Stateline area. Since last week, we have been dealing with on-and-off showers and storms at times moving through-out the region.

For Tuesday, we have the foggy conditions, along with the gray skies. Your 13 Weather Authority Meteorologist Tony Smith believes we won't see much sunshine for the day. In fact, there is a chance for scattered light rain showers pass through-out the area into the evening. But most area should remain dry for today. There is a chance for isolated showers and storms to quickly move through the area as another cold front moves overnight in the early Wednesday.

Unlike "June Gloom," temperatures will warm, climbing into the upper 70's and lower 80's into the afternoon. The winds will be out the east to start off the day but will shift to the west, which will allow warmer air to move into the area. Just like the headline, "The "June Gloom" continues for one more day," it will come to an end heading into Wednesday.

You can expect a warm, dry and mostly sunny day for Wednesday. This after a couple of fronts move over the Stateline into late Tuesday. Wednesday looks to be the best the work-week day to get out and enjoy the day as much of the day as possible. We will remain mostly dry into Friday. There is a chance for scattered showers and storms possible into Friday afternoon, with temps climbing into the upper 80's.

A heat wave looks to be on the way for this weekend and unlike the May heat we experience, it will be much more humid and you can expect dangerous heat indices, especially Saturday and Sunday, with heat indices above 100°!

Some relief is possible Monday, if a cold front arrives in time, but if that front arrives late, Monday could be just as hot and humid as the weekend!

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