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Wet weekend gets Rockford back on track


The hefty rain totals from the weekend provide a slight surplus of rain for the month, as well as on the year.

Going into the weekend, the Rockford area was nearly 2" below average, with just 1/4" of rain over nearly 2 1/2 weeks. After two night's of heavy thunderstorms, dumping 3 1/2" of rain on the area, Rockford is back above average for the month. 

As for the year as a whole, Rockford was slightly above average after winter, then 2.63" below average after the spring. Despite May providing some wet weather, March and especially April were dry. To date, Rockford is 1.34" above average on the year after the rainy weekend nights.

When looking at the rest of June, above average precipitation is somewhat likely through the second 1/3 of the month, then the Climate Prediction Center shows near average precipitation. This shows up as a semi-active pattern over the rest of this week. With 3.5" of rain already, Rockford is within 1" of an average June, with 2/3 of the month to go.

As for the forecast, spotty light rain is possible Tuesday. Thursday also features a chance for spotty light rain showers. Going into the weekend, Friday will be the day most likely to have rain, as for now. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible on that day. An active pattern sets up in the Midwest over the weekend, but for now it's too early to tell if that pattern is able to reach Rockford. For now, slight chances for rain are in the forecast for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, until the pattern becomes clearer later this week.

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