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After Bob Stone's death, South Beloit mourns the loss of former city commissioner


The loss of Bob Stone, a former leader in South Beloit, has shaken the community.

The Winnebago County Coroner's office confirmed Monday that the 64 year-old man who was shot and killed by his son early Sunday morning was Bob Stone. Officials say his son Vito Stone shot him before turning the gun on himself. 

Bob Stone is well-known throughout the South Beloit community. He organized several community events and was the former city commissioner for police and fire.

"Any constituent is incredibly valuable to use, so when something happens in this kind of tragic violent manner, there is a bigger picture here," South Beloit Mayor Ted Rehl said.

Stone was close to many of the community's first responders, including the ones who responded to the call when he was shot and killed by his son.

"The officers you know had a lot of contact with him. Technically he was their boss, so they knew him and they knew the family," South Beloit Police Chief Pat Hoey said.

Hoey says after the tragic incident, many officers were shaken and they held a debriefing to make sure they had a chance to speak with others about the incident and how to deal with such a horrible death in the community.

"We had Chaplin Herman from the Old Stone Church meet with all the officers, as well as the firefighters who were on scene. We spent about an hour and 45 minutes talking with him," Hoey said.

Beyond civic duties, Bob Stone was known for organizing the South Beloit sand festival. He was also the president of the South Beloit Businessman's Club, a non-profit organization that works directly with the community.

"It's altruistic, there's no purpose for them to do it other than just giving. So he's the president of that organization and that speaks a lot about who he was," Rehl said.

Now, the city says they plan to condemn the Stone's house where the incident took place, and hopefully wipe away the tragedy from the minds of community members. Mayor Rehl also says the property is unlivable and code enforcement, along with the health department, began the first steps of the process on Monday.

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