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Inspiring 815: Kevin Ware


Kevin Ware started 'Just Breathe 815' in the spring of 2017. The idea sparked after a conversation with his daughter.

"We did the research and found there are so many homeless teens in the Winnebago and Boone County areas and we want to help." said Ware.

But a way to help clothe homeless teens in our area was just the beginning. The non-profit now helps teens who want to play sports too.

"They were just so happy to get cleats, so they could actually practice this week." said Ware. 

That's still not the end, Ware and his team are now working to help feed these teens as well.

"Packing lunches for the kids of Newtown, and delivering those lunches with the Rockford Police Department, and then we're also packing for our new kickoff at the Unitarian Universalist Church." said Ware.

The organization gaining so much momentum is something Ware credits entirely to the community. 

"It's a great thing to know that there's so many people who want to pour into these youth to help them be better, help them to feel like they are loved, that they have value, they have worth and that they matter." said Ware.

But for those involved, helping out is a no brainer.

"I thought it was just a great idea to start early with the youth, to create these healthy habits at a young age." said Shana Marotta, owner of Tastefully Healthy Rockford.

Especially because it means helping Kevin.

"I am loving his heart so much, I mean it is absolutely amazing the things he is doing for the community." said Marotta.

Kevin Ware, inspiring 815, by helping teens just breathe.

"It's just the simple and small things that these kids need to know, that someone is out there fighting for them." said Ware.

For more information on Just Breathe 815 you can visit

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