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Dozens of local Veterans receive free dental care from Aspen Dental


Aspen Dental hosted their 5th annual Day of Service here in the Rockford community.

Like many Americans, Veterans can struggle when it comes to being able to afford dental work, which is why Aspen Dental opened up their doors for Veterans today for free dental care.

Anything from a standard check up, to a cavity filling, and even a free set of dentures, Aspen Dental was able to provide care to around 40 local Veterans.

"Obviously we have a lot of our patients who come here today and are in need, and can't afford dental care, and I think they deserve it. That's why we are here today," Aspen Dental Dentist, Vanja Cosic said.

It's something many like Marion Thornberry, an Army Veteran, are extremely thankful for. Thornberry says it's been around four years since he has been able to go to the dentist to have his teeth worked on.

"It's great to have the work done. With a chipped tooth, especially with one right in the front, it's kind of embarrassing," Thornberry said

With an event like this, Thornberry is able to fix his smile and the discomfort he has in a few of his teeth. He says he's excited to be able to show off his smile and improve his overall quality of life thanks to the free dental work he received.

"A smile is 90 percent of your personality," Thornberry said. " You'll be able to walk to up people and talk to them without trying to keep your mouth closed so they don't see the chipped tooth," Thornberry said.

The dental work done on Saturday for Veteran's has the option to be able to continue treatments for up to a year in order to maintain a healthy mouth. Aspen Dental was able to provide free dental care to around 5,000 veterans across the nation on Saturday.

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