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Inspiring 815: Dennis Shulz


"They cut my leg off and I was awake." 

That's what Dennis Schulz endured just minutes after he was involved in a semi-truck crash in 2012. A decision he had to make, his life, or his leg.

"It saved my life, it took me from a 40 percent chance, to a 42 percent chance of living." said Schulz.

While many people would be upset over the major change, Dennis took it with stride.

"I was 6'3 when I came in, now I guess I'm 5'3, cause I'm a foot short." said Schulz.

That's when he started The Handshake Journey.

"I've dedicated my life going across America in my wheelchair, backwards, honoring and giving thanks to those who saved my life. I'm not a veteran but it all starts with the vets, I believe they give me the freedom to do this, so I honor them as well." said Schulz.

His goal?  Travel 100 miles in each state, and raise money for charities while doing it. 

"Without the people stoppin, I wouldn't be nobody, I'd still just be me." said Schulz.

Jeanne Wales was with Dennis for five months along his latest journey.

"Being a witness and hearing what they say, it's really a special time to hear that. To be a witness to that, and see the discussion between Dennis and the people he meets." said Wales.

As he slowly reaches his goal, and touches more lives of those he meets along the way, Dennis is touching those around him too.

"There are a lot of things that happen on that journey where you see a lot of inspiration/ We're inspired by the people we meet and they're inspired by us." said Wales.

 Dennis Schulz, inspiring 815, one handshake at a time

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