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TEACHER OF THE WEEK: 13 News honors Ms. O'Rourke


Ms. O'Rourke started her career in the insurance industry.

"Teaching was the first thing I decided I didn't want to do because my parents were both teachers," St. James second grade teacher, Mr. O'Rourke said.

But her true love for kids brought her to the classroom. She says its the best decision she could have made.

In her first year at St. James, she's covered a lot of ground with her second graders; reading being a big one.

"Second grade is the last year you learn to read, and from then on you're reading to learn," Ms. O"Rourke said.

Wednesday, her students got to show what they've learned by reading from their journals. It's an example of how far they've come in just a little bit of time.

"In the beginning of the year, it was tough to get two or three sentences out of them," Ms. O"Rourke said.

"Now they are writing three to four pages."

Her students tell 13 news, no matter the subject, she makes it fun.

Congrats to Ms. O"Rourke, an insurance agent-turned fun teacher, for changing the lives of second graders one lesson at a time.

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