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Some Dixon High School students watched shooting unfold


Students at Dixon High School are a bit shaken up after what unfolded during their graduation practice Wednesday morning.

"All the sudden out of no where you hear...pop...pop...pop...pop...pop," Brandon Stehl, an eyewitness says he heard out in the hallway the high school's west gym.

"At first you don't really know what to think you're just like, 'Oh, no this can't be real. This is a joke," he says.  

But, what he heard was in fact the real deal when a former student fired several rounds at a school resource officer.
"We heard about five gun shots and we all kinda just froze," Leah Drengenberg, an eyewitness says. "We didn't really know what was going on." 

Leah is also a gradating senior from Dixon High School. She says after she and her classmates heard the shots fired, they were evacuated to Page Park just down the street.

"That's when we all kinda realized that this is all real, this is happening," she says. 

That's where Leah was reunited with her mother and brother, who is also a student at the high school. 

"I was worried about her when it was happening because I knew she was in the gym and that's where it was all coming from," Brock Drengenberg says.  

This shooting comes after similar incidents have made headlines across the country and parents say its something they never thought would happen so close to home. 

"Here we are in Dixon, you feel like we're pretty safe town," Debra Drengenberg, Brock and Leah's mother says. "But, all it takes is one child to snap."

Debra says she hope the suspect is able to get connected with the right resources to figure out what led up to this incident. This is a story 13 News will continue to follow and bring you any updates as soon as they become available.

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