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President Trump calls law enforcement 'heroes' during ceremony


On Tuesday, President Donald Trump called fallen law enforcement officers heroes during a ceremony honoring them. 

"Thank you for joining us on one of the most important and solemn occasions of the year — the day we pay tribute to law enforcement heroes. And that's what they are: heroes who gave their lives in the line of duty. They made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could live in safety and in peace," he said. 

"When danger came, when darkness fell, when destruction loomed, they did not flinch. They were not afraid, they did not falter. They stared down danger, raced down alleys, chased down criminals, kicked down doors, and faced down evil," he continued.

His remarks came when he appeared as the keynote speaker during a ceremony on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol for National Police Week. Vice President Mike Pence also delivered a message to those in attendance. 

In addition to praising those who made the ultimate sacrifice, President Trump also thanked the men and women who still serve and protect. At one point, Mr. Trump asked the family of NYPD Detective Miosotis Familia to join him on stage, where he hugged Detective Familia's son and elderly mother. 

"You lost mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters. And America lost incredible heroes. But they will endure forever." 

He also called for the death penalty for those who kill law enforcement. 

"We believe criminals who kill our police should get the death penalty. Bring it forth."

It's a move supported by Illinois' Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, who just Monday introduced amended legislation tied to a gun control package. 

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