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Inspiring 815: Conner Young


Imagine walking 22 miles in one day. Now, add an extra 25 pounds of weight.

That's what 17-year-old Conner Young did on Saturday to help raise awareness for veteran suicide.

"To support the veterans, each mile represents each veteran that takes their life "

It started as a school project last year.

"I needed to pick a service project for that program, and I knew I wanted to do something with veterans, so I picked Mission 22 ." said Young.

But this year, it was personal.

"I view them more as role models than some of these other people in the world teens decide follow. I also plan to go into the service out of high school. " said Young.

It's not what you'd think a typical 17-year-old boy would be doing with his free time on a Saturday, but his dad, Phil, isn't surprised.

"He thinks of others, he always been kind of a defender of people who maybe aren't as strong."  

After raising more than $4,000 dollars last year for Mission 22, Conner raised the stakes by adding the vest, and the amount of money. 

"The goal for this year was $5,000 dollars, and currently we're pretty close to $5,500." said Young.

And all that hard work has paid off.

"They made me the first National Junior Leader Ambassador for the United States." said Young.

Conner Young, inspiring 815, by walking to end veteran suicide, one mile at a time

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