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Mother daughter duo share same passion for nursing


A local mother daughter duo share a unique bond with their love of nursing. Both Kelsie Whitehouse and Amanda Broderick work as nurses at SwedishAmerican Hospital. Kelsie is an oncology nurse and Amanda is a surgical nurse.

Both Kelsie and Amanda look extremely similar and their co-workers can tell right away that they are related. Kelsie has been working as a nurse for the past 18 years at SwedishAmerican and she says seeing her daughter follow in her footsteps is an honor.

"I'm very passionate about my job and patients, and I see that same fire in Amanda's eyes now," Whitehouse said.

Amanda says she has always looked up to her mother, and knew from a young age that she wanted to be a nurse just like her mom.

"When I started here as her daughter, I kind of had to live up to that. Now everyone is kind of putting two and two together that we are mother and daughter," Broderick said.

Amanda worked alongside her mom when she was younger, and even after nursing school. Amanda says she was able to shadow her mother and learn from her best mentor in life.

"I used to come and work with her here and shadow and meet some of her patients. That kind of really made me decide I wanted to be a nurse," Broderick said.

Although Kelsie and Amanda work on separate floors, both say they are able to see each other throughout the day in the elevator, and cherish those little moments they get to enjoy together.

"We meet in the elevator every once in awhile and get to talk about certain situations," Whitehouse said.

Both women were so in sync today for Mother's Day, that they wore matching outfits without even planning it.

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