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Successful instrument drive for RPS students in need


Students at RPS 205 schools will now be able to fine tune a few more instruments, thanks to all the donations they received during their instrument drive this afternoon.

The Rockford Symphony Orchestra hosted an instrument drive to help provide instruments to students who are not able to afford them on their own. There were dozens of instruments including cellos, violins, drums, flutes, and much more. Members of the community donated their used instruments that they no longer needed in their homes any longer.

"Right now the schools provided about 98 percent of their students with instruments because they don't have the means to purchase them, themselves. So this is going to make a huge impact," Margo Stedman, Rockford Symphony Orchestra Education Director said.

Organizers say in just the first few hours of the drive this afternoon, they estimated around $20,000 worth of instruments were donated.

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