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Rockford Park District looking for seasonal workers


Mowing the lawn and taking out the trash are just a few tasks that fall under Jason Erlge's job description with the Rockford Park District. 

"We want to make sure it's tidy and clean so it's well presented for the Park District because that's what we like to do," he says.  
For him, his job all started as a seasonal position cleaning up the parks. But more than 20 years later, he's watching over a younger generation doing the same job that got him started here.

"It's a great job. I love working outside," he says. "The people that I work with are really great. They're more than friends. They're family." 

And while kids in school are itching for the last bell to ring for the start of summer, the Rockford Park District says it hopes some of them will consider a job with it because it's still looking to hire roughly 150 people. The jobs range from maintaining the district's parks to working as a day camp counselor.

"I love getting young staff in because if they're 16 and they want to continue to work with us through their high school years and into college," Jordan McDonald, the park district's Talent Development Specialist says.   

And leaders say the experience they get from those seasonal positions could turn into a career down the road. 

"That's why it's really important to give them the opportunity and experience in something they haven't and then ultimately they decide this is the path they want to go for the rest of their life," McDonald says. 

A path that could lead to great opportunities in Rockford. 

"It just shows pride and respect in what they do," Erlge says.  

Click here for more information about job opportunities with the Rockford Park District. 

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