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Local real estate agent saves abandoned dog in Rockford


A Rockford dog is saved after a local realtor found it abandoned inside a rental property. Tim Johnson is a realtor for Berkshire Hathaway and was contacted by a neighbor to check on the rental home Thursday afternoon. 

Johnson said he dropped everything he was doing once he heard there was possibly a dog left inside this home and rushed over to check it out. He says once he went inside the house he couldn't believe what he saw. The young pitbull was emaciated and left without and food or water. He says there was urine and feces all around the inside of the house, and believe she was left there to die for weeks.

"I found her in this condition with no food or water, and she obviously had been there for a couple weeks," Johnson said. He continues "There was feces and urine everywhere. She tried to dig her way through the floors to try and get out,"

Johnson said he couldn't believe someone would leave such a sweet dog behind to fend for herself. He says in the 24 hours that he has had "Lady" a temporary name he gave her, she has not left his side.

"She is an absolutely beautiful girl, she is potty trained, and she has become very attached to me in the last 24 hours," Johnson said.

Stephanie Hicks, executive director for Care for Pets says with all of the options for people to utilize in our area to drop off unwanted pets, this is something that should have never had to happen.

"It's heartbreaking because there are resources. People hesitate to give them to animal services, maybe because there is a 25 dollar fee," Hicks said.

Not only abandoning these animals detrimental to their physical and mental health, Hicks says it's something that also can come with some charges, and cost someone even more money.

"If you're not providing proper food, water, or vet care for your pet it's considered a misdemeanor," Hicks said.

However, Lady is safe now thanks to the efforts of Tim Johnson who says he is so glad he was able to save an innocent animal and hopefully give her a better life. Johnson says he plans to take Lady to Iowa where she will be nursed back to health. He says that many families in Iowa have already heard her story and are interested in adopting her, so he is not worried about her future.

The property owners say they plan to file a police report for the incident as well as a report to Winnebago County Animal Services.

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