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Rockford doctor delivers next generation babies


Doctor Arturo Manas has been a doctor for 40 years.

"I delivered my first baby when I was a 3rd year medical student, in 1978."

During that time he's delivered thousands of babies.

"I figured I've delivered about 7,000 kids over these last 40 years."

While that's an accomplishment enough, he's also delivered 100 babies from the next generation.

"It's a very awesome and gratifying experience."

Doctor Manas delivered Cheryl Abels'  daughter, Jessica.

"I've been with Dr. Manas for 30 years, gave birth to my daughter, Jessica, in 1988." 

Now, Dr. Manas just delivered Jessica McGuire's son, Max, six weeks ago.

"He was born pretty early, but he's doing pretty good." said McGuire. 

It's an experience new mom, and new grandma say brought them closer together as a family.

"Not only did I trust him, but my mom trusted him to deliver her grandchild." said McGuire.

Ericka Pennell's family shares a similar story.

"All of our friends, my sister, myself, my mom, it's the whole shebang." said Pennell.

It's an experience Doctor Manas wasn't sure he would get to see, but these ladies sure are glad he did.

"It made those 9 months of her being pregnant easier for me, knowing she was in the hands of him." said Abels.

As for retirement any time soon? 

"I always say tomorrow, but the labor and delivery nurses at Swedes always kid me about that, cause they've been hearing it for the last 15 years." said Dr. Manas.

Dr. Manas, being apart of families from past, and future generations to come.

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