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Organization visits Rockford to fight war on drugs


Fighting the war on drugs. That's what a group visiting Rockford hopes to do through rehabilitation.

"Clergy For A New Drug Policy" has spent the last four years traveling all across the country, to talk about drug abuse and what can be done to stop it.

The group suggests that the money used for incarceration can go directly to helping drug addicts, by sending them to rehab.

They say this will provide more chances for recovery, instead of having drug dealers and users leave jail, and go right back to where they started.

"I want to change that perception, having drug laws that speak to health needs, and not punishment. Except when you're talking about trafficking, that's something we very much need to do." said Reverend Alexander Sharp, the Executive Director of Clergy for a New Drug Policy.

Reverend Sharp says he supports a bill making its way through the state house that would allow people using opioids to apply for the state's medical cannabis program.

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