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Inspiring 815: John and Linda Underwood


The Underwood's spend most of their days at Swedish American Hospital in Rockford. But every six months, they take their vacation out of the country and volunteer.

"We take medical teams to Haiti, we spend two weeks twice a year in a very remote village called Lamentin, it's the southern point of Haiti." said John Underwood, the Medical Director for Friends of the Children.

The organization has been providing free medical treatment in the same community for the last 20 years.

"They will walk 2,3,4 hours, barefoot, in the hot, in the sun, carrying a sick child or being sick or injured themselves." said Linda Underwood, an RN with the program.

It's treatment the Underwood's believe this community wouldn't get otherwise.

"I think it would be difficult. They would go from what little healthcare we provide, to essentially no healthcare." said John.

The Underwood's say the two weeks can be grueling. 

"It's difficult working conditions, it's difficult traveling conditions, difficult living conditions when we are down there." said Linda.

But they also say, it's worth it.

"The people are very very grateful, they are very kind they are very loving." said Linda.

It's also not so bad working with each other.

"She supplements what I lack, and vise versa, so yeah we get along pretty well." said John.

John and Linda Underwood, inspiring 815, by being Friends of the Children. 

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