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Rockford Lutheran students organize special event to honor Columbine victims


Students across the country walked out of school on Friday in honor of the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School Massacre.  Many of these walkouts also protested gun violence. 

At Rockford Lutheran, students organized a special assembly for the students once they walked out.  There was a presentation on school safety, respect, along with speeches from student leaders on a variety of topics.  Students say it's days like today that encourage them to get active.

"Kids aren't just sitting quietly anymore because we realize we all see the problem and we're all striving for a change that hasn't happened yet," says Senior Caitlin Schoepfer. 

"Now that I'm 18, I'm encouraging all my friends to vote," says Senior Sophie Prabhakar.  "I voted in the primary. It's just about, you just can't say what you want you have to actively do something about it."

The event was organized by the recently formed Student Wellness Organization. 

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