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Inspiring 815: Stephanie Hicks


Winnebago County Animal Services is an open intake shelter, which means it can't turn any animal away. But keeping up with number of animals coming in, can be difficult to maintain.

"We're working with the community so they don't ever enter into the county facility unnecessarily." said Stephanie Hicks, Executive Director of Care for Pets.

Now, Care for Pets is working in connection with WCAS to keep animals off the streets, in their homes and out of a shelter .

"Assisting residents with spay and neuter, with diversion efforts so pet retention for families, vaccination clinics, and owner surrender, so getting them rescued instead of going into animal services." said Hicks.

The organization has been around for a couple of years, but was revamped when Hicks became Executive Director back in September.

"Working with Stephanie is exhausting, but she has a very dedicated and compassionate group of volunteers." said Jim Beam, a board member with Care for Pets.

The success since then, is something Beam credits entirely to Stephanie.

 "We see the good that it does, 99 out of 100 times, we can help this animal, and so that keeps you motivated to continue to do it. " said Beam

It helps that caring for these animals in need, is a cause close to Stephanie's heart.

"I think it serves two purposes, love for animals and assisting them, but also, assisting people." said Hicks.

Stephanie Hicks, inspiring 815, by helping one animal at a time.

"I admire her enthusiasm and her stamina in keeping up with the need out there, because it is endless and she really takes a tireless approach." said Beam.

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