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Local healthcare professionals meet for additional education on opioids


Dozens of healthcare professionals gathered for a ten hour course on becoming more educated on how to combat the Opioid epidemic in the Rockford area. The event was hosted by Skills on Point, a local business that provides education to advanced healthcare professionals. 

The company brought in local experts to speak to the group about Opioid prescription practices and substance abuse education. Organizers say they hope having additional training like this will help combat the Opioid epidemic that the Rockford region is facing.

"Working in areas like Rockford. We have to consider that there is a high recidivism rate for those who use drugs and try to quit. We have to give people the resources of how can I quit, where can I go to quit, and what are the things that I can do," Owner of Skills on Point, Dr. John Russell said.

Organizers say the ten hour course is apart of new legislation that requires nurse practitioners additional education and training on Opioids.

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