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Broken sidewalks in Rockford could take years to repair


If the sidewalk outside your home is broken, there's a chance it won't get fixed any time soon. 

That's because the city has more than 200 requests to repair sidewalks throughout Rockford. 

"The wait time when you make a request on this is a two to three year wait time," Tim Hinkens the CIP Operations Manager for the City of Rockford. 

The city says you can ask for someone to come out and fix those broken sidewalks, that's when you get put on a waiting list. But, some of the requests that haven't been taken care of date as far back as 2014 and 2015. 

"The city only has a certain amount of funds, about $450,000 a year, which may sound like a lot but we get literally hundreds of requests a year to address," Hinkens says

Sidewalk projects can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $30,000 to fix. While the city says it tries to repair sidewalks on a first come- first serve basis, there's a chance some might get fixed faster than others. 

"If we go out there and see that the request is an immediate danger to the public, we'll make sure that request gets fulfilled quicker," Hinkens says. 

Of those 202 sidewalks on the city's list to take care of, 61 of them are expected to be addressed at city council on Monday. Although leaders say that will knock out a chunk, they don't expect that to be the end of the requests. 

"While we're taking care of those, we'll be expecting over a hundred more requests to come in," Hinkens says. 

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