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Mother of victim who was killed during charter bus shooting prays for justice


It was merely a week ago that Teva Moore learned that her son Martavies Blake had been shot and killed. Blake was one of the three men who were killed when police say Raheem King opened fire on a charter bus last Saturday. For Moore, losing her son has brought on an unimaginable pain.'

"Bad things happen to good people, and there's no reason why," Moore said.

Raheem King turned himself in on Wednesday, and today he made his first appearance in court. He is being charged with four counts of first-degree murder. Moore says knowing that her sons killer in jail, is bringing her some peace.

"I prayed that he turned himself in and he was captured alive. I'm thankful that he will be brought to justice," Moore said.

Moore describes her son Martavies as a fun-loving and kind person, who many members of the community knew. She says the community helped her raise him and he was a good kid who enjoyed life.

"He loved his friends and he loved life, even until his last moment. I want people to remember all of the good and I want people to smile in his memory," Moore said.

The investigation spanned nearly a week until King was taken into custody. Moore says she extremely thankful for all of the hard work the city has put in to find who killed her son and two other men.

"Rockford cares, and we have some amazing police officers and detectives. They worked from four in the morning on Saturday, when this stuff happened, up until yesterday," Moore said.

Now, Moore says the healing process is just beginning but she is thankful for everyone who has reached out and supported her during this tragic time. She says the family will be spending a lot of time together these next few weeks, and they plan to hold a candle-light vigil this Saturday to honor her son and the other men who were killed.

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