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Winnebago County council tackling violent crime


A special council in Winnebago County hopes to tackle the area's violent crime problem. 

It's called the "County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council."

Basically, it's a way to get all the important players who can impact our violent crime in one room, working on one game plan.

It's made up of local leaders , law enforcement, the state's attorney, chief judge, along with scholars who've studied the area.

A big focus is on the courts, primarily recidivism. According to the Illinois Department of Corrections, in Winnebago County, 43% of inmates released in 2014, were back in prison by 2017. 

"We're just on this hamster wheel and cycle of violence. We have to break the cycle. That's why focuses on focused deterrence saying who is  the most likely to be the victim of violent crime or commit violent crime and focus resources in that direction." said Winnebago County Board Chairman, Frank Haney.

According to some of this research , out of those who re-offend here in Winnebago County, 13% are arrested for domestic violence within three years. 

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