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LimeBike ends up in tree after roll out, city to add new bike lanes


"It's a bunch of foolishness for what? why would you do that?" says Alejandro Flores, a LimeBike rider. 

That's what some say after seeing a picture on social media of one of the LimeBikes in a tree. This comes after LimeBike rolled out hundreds of bikes throughout Rockford last week. 
"To get nicer things, to get better things and we do stuff like this -- it makes it like why?" Flores says. 

But, LimeBike says it's a problem it's prepared to handle. That's because it has a maintenance team that uses a GPS system to track down those bikes and put them back in spots throughout the city. But, some say it's a step the company shouldn't have to take in the first place.

"Whoever put this out here is trying to do something and we make it harder for ourselves by doing stuff like that," Flores says. 

Another problem cyclists face when using these bikes is the limited number of bike routes to use. That's why the city says says it implemented a 10 year plan to put in more sharrows, bike paths and lanes, some of which are coming to Madison Street this summer. 

"We're really excited that will be a safer way to get down at least one corridor of Rockford," says Ashley Sarver, the president of I Bike Rockford.

Leader say they hope to eventually add a path near Spring Creek Road, but they that project could take awhile. That's because the city would need the okay from some homeowners in that area to use some of the land. 

"If anyone says we don't want to give you the land and we have to go to eminent domain," says Jeremy Carter, a traffic engineer for Rockford. "That could be a three year process. It's not something that's going to happen, unfortunately, overnight."

But, one thing some say can change overnight is how riders use the new LimeBikes. 

"Why invest that time in or invest in this town or invest in things and its just going to get misused or mishandled?" Flores says.

If you happen to notice a bike being misused or missing, LimeBike asks you to report that through their LimeBike App or their customer service line 1-888-LIME-345. You can also text 1-888-546-3345 to make a report. 

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