Millions are expected to use the Illinois Tollway on Easter week - – Rockford’s News Leader

COPY-Millions are expected to use the Illinois Tollway on Easter weekend


More than 6 million people are expected to use the Illinois Tollway this weekend for their holiday travel. 

On a normal day, officials say it usually see about 1.5 million use it. The extra traffic has Mike Sweitezir-Becekman taking extra precautions behind the wheel. 

"We got two little ones in the back seat so that's reason enough for us to be careful on the roads," he says.  

The father of two says he's traveling from Madison, Wis. to the Chicago suburbs. One of the ways he says he's keeping his family safe is by dropping the cell phone and watching other people on the roads. 

"Always be on the look out and be a defensive driver and look out for people changing lanes who aren't really looking or speeding past you on the right just make sure that you're kinda aware of your surroundings," Sweitezir-Becekman says.  

Ann Simmons is also making her way from Madison to the Windy City for a church get together and family Easter festivities. She says drivers should be extra cautious driving during the night.

"Not only is it dark out but sometimes people have spent some time drinking and eating things they probably shouldn't be doing so we have to be particularly defensive with driving," she says.  

Another obstacle drivers face this holiday season is the rising gas prices. In the Rockford area, travelers can expect to pay roughly 13 more cents per gallon of unleaded gas than last month according to GasBuddy. But, Sweitezir-Becekman says it's not really bothering him. 

"I don't pay attention to the gas prices," he says. "I just go when I gotta go." 

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