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Spring Creek Road construction set to pick up again after falling behind


Spring Creek Road looks clear now but the city of Rockford says you can expect it to look more like this in a couple weeks. 

It's an inconvenience Amber Turner thought was over.

"I know it's going to take me even longer now to get home you know now with the one way and trying to turn into the drive way, trying to find a way around the construction trucks, the cranes or whatever they're going to have out here," she says.

The whole point of the project was to replace the sewer lines, which it did. But now, the road needs to get repaved -- a project that was supposed to wrap up last fall.

"When you pour concrete you have to be aware of the temperatures as well," says Tim Hinkens, the CIP Operations Manager for Rockford. "There's water in the concrete so if the temperatures fall below freezing so material doesn't react well to that as the concrete is curing." 

The cold temperatures last November meant the city had to put down temporary pavement. It's a fix that city leaders say cost the project an extra $80,000 to $100,000. 

City leaders say that price tag is paid for thanks to the project coming in under the original $1.8 million budget. However, turner says she's still not happy about the orange cones and barrels returning to her front yard for another summer.

"We were told they were done, that they weren't coming back out and that it was completely finished and now going into a second year of having to fuster through all this construction," Turner says. "It's going to be a pain." 

Leaders say they hope to have the project wrapped up by this June. 

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