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SwedishAmerican begins expansion project, leaders say new facility is essential


After a lengthy process to get the go ahead for a $24 million project, SwedishAmerican leaders say it's time to dig in and start the work on its new Creekside Medical Center. 

"Providing health care is very complex and a key is provide convenient access," says Dr. Micheal Born, the President and CEO of SwedishAmerican.  

Leaders say the new 70,000 square foot Creekside facility will feature roughly 100 clinic rooms and 25 medical providers. Some of those services include OB/GYN, pediatrics and family medicine. 

"There's going to be a lot of medical facilities on the other side of the road and it creates a really great image of Rockford to back up the facts that we have a great medical community in Rockford," says 4th-Ward Alderman Kevin Frost.  

That new medical center is set to build just off of I-90 and Bell School Road. Leaders say the patient care at the new location is going to be unique. 

"What they're going to see is a welcoming environment that's going to allow them to do things like being able to go directly to their room when they come in," says Dan Ross, the Board Chairman for SwedishAmerican.  

That means no more checking your weight in the hallway. SwedishAmerican leaders say the Creekside medical center's new layout will offer more privacy when you go in for treatment. 

"You've got a problem and you don't always want the whole world knowing about. So, really having an environment where you're only interacting with the care providers and not the rest of the folks in the clinic is hugely important." 

Leaders say they hope to have the new Creekside Medical Center open by next year. 

SwedishAmerican also has a multi-million dollar project in the works at its downtown campus off East State Street. Work on that project starts next month. Leaders hope to have that open by 2020.

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